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We create and manage alumni networks for Colleges. We provide re-enrolment strategies, alumni engagement and more, in a range of tailorable packages to suit your college’s goals. Find out how our services have helped colleges increase re-enrolments, create banks of testimonials and alumni volunteers.


Think Alumni provides destination surveys for Further Education Colleges. Our telephone surveys gather destination data to comply with the requirements of the ILR. What’s more, our benchmark data of around 50,000 destinations from across the UK allows your College to demonstrate the efficacy of its courses.


We source and display multiple, course-specific testimonials directly to visitors browsing your website. Delivered via a pop-up that requires no changes to your page design and guarantees to get noticed. Providing social proof right on your website course pages

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Think Alumni was established in 2012 to create and manage alumni groups for Further Education Colleges.

Colleges consistently told us they wanted to unlock the benefits from their many thousands of alumni but did not have the tools and resources to keep up with the frequency of communication needed to run a thriving alumni network. 

Think Alumni was established to provide everything needed for a college to benefit from a thriving alumni group - with the minimum of effort.

Think Alumni have worked with over 50 FE Colleges and our research has shown the following benefits of an alumni group:

  • Increased re-enrolments

  • Created Apprenticeships and work experience opportunities

  • Testimonials

  • A new channel for marketing and reputation

  • Gathered destinations data, and satisfaction data to inform curriculum planning and as evidence for Ofsted

  • Alumni volunteering programmes of inspiring speeches, workshops, award-sponsorships and more

In seven years, we've learned a lot about what works (and a lot more about what doesn't). Today we offer a menu of alumni services, with new ideas in test and launching all the time.

“We’re delighted to be working with Think Alumni. An alumni solution has been part of our strategic plan for some time so we’re very excited to be using Think Alumni’s expertise to show our alumni that their former college still has something to offer them.”

Marketing Director, large FE College

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