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Your alumni are one of your biggest, organically-growing marketing resources. By connecting with your satisfied customers (alumni) we can recruit to HE and business courses, provide testimonials highlighting the effectiveness of your courses, help enhance your reputation, and inform curriculum planning - as well as providing knowledge and opportunities for your current learners.

How we work with you

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We are able to get started with a simple package of communications - preparing and sending alumni communications that engage and inspire your former learners. Informed by our annual alumni survey, the topics covered include getting a job and interview advice, career changes, the benefits of HE and professional courses, personal development and life-long learning. 

Our service provides a cost-effective way of harnessing the potential of your alumni and minimising the day-to-day resource needed within your College to connect with and engage your former learners. You can add-on additional services, such as a destinations survey, testimonials pack, or LinkedIn Alumni Group set-up and management, to tailor the service to meet your needs.

Add-on services


Showcase the College to prospective learners using your best advocates. Testimonials and case studies from your successful students are a powerful marketing tool for prospective new students and returning learners.

What it includes:

  • Our Testimonial package will find and produce 36 testimonials from your alumni group for the College to use on the website, in alumni communications, and in wider marketing.

  • We are also able to provide and host a web-based ‘alumni wall’ to showcase testimonials and provide a search functionality.

  • And new for 2019, we can deliver course-relevant testimonials in a pop-up on your website course pages. Find out more.

Taking Note

LinkedIn Search and Management

LinkedIn is a valuable resource for reaching ‘lost alumni’ (those not in the current College dataset) to request testimonials, ask for work experience offers, and to develop advocacy.

What is included:

  • Think Alumni will set up and manage a LinkedIn Alumni Group for the College.

  • We will find and make connections with former students of the College who are on LinkedIn.

  • Think Alumni will post regular content - discussions and articles - to the group to create a thriving group that encourages Alumni members to engage.

Alumni Profiles and Secure Log-in

Providing alumni with your alumni with an individual online profile encourages them to engage at a deeper level, update their contact details, and provide more information about their current learning interests and employment.

What it includes:

  • Think Alumni will set-up a secure online profile database for your College and ensure the profile sections are aligned to meet the College’s marketing aims.

  • We will design and send an invitation email to your alumni with a unique link to their individual profile in the database.

  • You can use the profiles to offer exclusive ‘benefits’ to your alumni such as course discounts and other perks, to incentivise engagement.

Alumni Website and Website Content Creation

We know that creating alumni pages for the College website takes time and uses precious resource. To save time, we can create and host a dedicated alumni website to provide a central portal for all alumni content and to free the College from administration of the alumni pages. Or we can advise on and write the content for College alumni web pages.

What it includes:

  • Think Alumni will design, develop, write the content for, and host your alumni website – which links to the main college website and is reached via the same domain.

  • The website will be fully College-branded and will provide a valuable resource for your alumni and a dedicated landing site for all of your communications.

  • Or, our content creation service will discuss the aims of your alumni service and advise on the site navigation and content. We will then provide ‘ready to publish’ content which aligns with your goals and style guidelines.

Volunteer Management

Alumni groups can provide a rich resource of inspiration for your current and prospective learners. Examples include work experience offers, mentoring programmes, giving inspiring speeches at College events, or sharing their experience at open days.

What it includes:

  • Think alumni provides a volunteer management service to source candidates, collect headline information about current employment/education, and cross-reference to the course(s) they studied at the college.

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