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ACT is a revolutionary new service that delivers course-specific, mini-testimonials directly to enrolment prospects as they view your course pages. We source and edit the entries from your former students, then present these case studies within a pop-up that requires no changes to your web pages. The result is targeted third-party endorsements of your courses, delivered at the right time and place to influence perceptions and drive increased recruitment..

Our brand new service

Over the last six-years, Think Alumni has helped dozens of colleges to create valuable relationships with more than half-a-million former students. We have seen that testimonials are a positive way to capture and share a great experience… But the style and delivery is often at odds with today’s online environment. We believe they can be utilised far more effectively to drive increased enrolment.


Testimonials 2.0 – delivering social proof

Whilst your prospective students are exploring their options online, exposure to relevant case-studies builds trust in the college and the efficacy of its courses. Our system has been designed to display a series of relevant, mini-testimonials to prospects as they browse the college’s course pages. The result is targeted content delivered in the right place and at the right time to influence perceptions and drive increased recruitment.


This type of “social proof” is ubiquitous for today’s digitally-savvy school leavers, with online purchase decisions being shaped by third-party reviews… We believe that institutions reflecting this trend can generate significantly higher levels of conversion.


How does it work?

We offer an all-inclusive package, including the sourcing and editing of case studies for each course area, via smart database hosting, and our unique delivery mechanic – a pop-up testimonial frame is added to your course pages with a simple piece of code. The pop-up doesn’t interfere with your website design and viewers can choose to engage with the content or close the box – much like a ‘live chat’ service.


We are excited to launch this service and would love to tell you more about the potential of your former students as influencers. Please contact us to find out more.


With flexible annual fees, and a clear ROI over 12-months, the platform can be implemented under even the most testing of budgets. Please get in touch to find out more.

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